Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Technologies

Jim Russo has over 25 years of extensive involvement with applications of fuel and lubrication solutions in real world military, industrial, coast guard, marine, as well as various municipal and private fleets. Jim also has extensive experience bringing state of the art fuel, lubrication and additive solutions to the automotive industry. During this time, Jim provided technical sales and consulting in gasoline and diesel fuel additives, and specialized high performance lubrication solutions for BG Products and Wynn's Oil Company.  Jim is ASTM certified in diesel fuel (1996) and gasoline (2005) technologies and SAE certified Fuel Technology (2006). 

Jim started the fuelguruTM mission in 2008 to promote realistic solutions towards our worldwide transportation fuels future. Jim presented the fuelguruTM concept at the 2009, and 2010 SAE Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meetings, with  A Holistic Approach to the Worldwide Transportation Fuel Future.  The fuelguruTM presentation led off three days of technical sessions in the Advanced and Alternative Fuels Matrix at the 2010 SAE Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meeting.

Jim gave his visionary look at the future of diesel fuel at the 2013 Pacific Marine EXPO with his Diesel Fuel Performance Standards.

In 2014 Jim wrote the forward looking paper titled Alkylate, The Future of Gasoline for CB&I/Lummus in 2014.

Jim has since combined these efforts, expertise, and contacts to form a consortium of experts known as fuelgurusTM. 

Jim's independent, third party expertise with auto, oil, ethanol and diesel/heavy equipment, research and academia stakeholders is proving to be an invaluable resource for these parties. Jim has also been consulting and developing training for fuels, lubricants and additives.

Strategic Planning and Risk Management

Cited as one of the top 1% associational thinkers by CereCore Institute, Jim Russo offers visionary leadership in Advanced Petroleum Based Transportation Fuels and Lubricants, Ethanol Integration Strategies and Vehicle Fluid Maintenance Programs.  Jin's extraordinary background includes a "Well to Wheel" perspective,  tapping into years of experience in fuel quality control, oil pollution control/response, offshore oil drilling, oil terminal work, and petroleum shipping.  Having followed the Automotive Fuels and Lubricants blueprint from GM's R&D leader and Auto/Oil Program Chairman, Joe Colluci, Jim  Russo's recommendations and strategies have stood the test of time, presenting vehicle fluid systems from a holistic perspective. 

Professional Training Programs and Materials 

The content is thorough, clear and well organized. Jim Russo's expertise and personality brings the material to life in an entertaining and worthwhile experience. 

With years of fishing and sailing expertise, Jim Russo, the founder of Leading Edge Sciences, offers an approach that "we are all in the same boat." He understands and conveys the importance and value of getting people to work as a team for the benefit of all involved. His training gives new meaning to the term "corporate integrity."