Moving away from dirty and nasty toxic crude oil could be one of the biggest challenges for humanity in this century.   Crude oil is an environmental nightmare, both when it spills, and with virtually all of the toxic compounds and products that are produced from it.  Almost half of all crude oil used goes into making gasoline, so it only makes sense to look at gasoline as the best way to reduce crude oil use.

The question then becomes-what is the best, 'drop-in' liquid fuel solution to this crisis of crude oil gasoline that can be implemented in time to make a difference? The answer is-gasoline made from natural gas instead of crude oil. The immediate advantages of moving away from crude oil gasoline to natural gas derived gasoline are reduced risks of crude oil spills, and reduced crude oil derived gasoline toxic and ultra fine particles. These emissions make up a good part of what we know as smog.  

The main toxins in this smog are benzene, toluene, and xylene, or BTX. The three compounds that make up BTX are know as chemical 'aromatics" because of their slightly sicking sweet smell, and make up the highly poisonous characteristics of gasoline. It's these highly addictive aromatic BTX chemicals that make gasoline and solvent 'huffing' so addictive and dangerous-inhaling gasoline and solvents for the incredibly addictive and deadly 'high.'. The same thing happens to a lesser degree whenever crude oil gasoline is burned and the fumes are inhaled.

These three BTX chemicals are added to gasoline as cheap octane enhancers. Octane is a critical component in gasoline that prevents engine damage. BTX chemicals are in crude oil gasoline at an average of 20-30%, and have been identified as the biggest health and environmental threat since lead was in gasoline over forty years ago. These BTX aromatic chemicals.have been linked to cancer, and are known as endocrine interrupters and estrogen mimickers. These chemicals are linked to numerous monumental health issues, and have been overlooked by even the most environmentally aware consumer.. 

Jim Russo, through Fuel Guru, has spent the last ten years as an outspoken leader and consumer advocate at the highest level of the oil, auto, and ethanol industries, working tirelessly in a grassroots effort to bring the positive changes that are so overdue. The aromatic BTX chemicals in gasoline can be replaced with ultra-clean natural gas derived octane enhancers which have numerous and profound benefits over crude oil derived gasoline components and are totally BTX free. Jim is working with the leading industry stakeholders, especially in the oil industry, that are willing to bring this change. Jim needs your interest and support.

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