ultra-clean synthetic  gasoline and diesel fuels                         

The future of clean gasoline and diesel fuel will require a shift from dirty and toxic crude oil based fuels to ultra-clean natural gas derived gasoline and diesel fuel. Synthetic gasoline and diesel fuels are the answer to the disastrous global heath crisis of vehicle/transportation fueled toxic urban smog. These ultra-clean fuels can be sourced from clean, abundant, and seemingly limitless supplies of natural gas. Synthetic gasoline and diesel fuels can also be combined with bio-fuels, giving unparalleled bio-fuel integration and clean fuel flexibility options for a sustainable vehicle/transportation fuel future.  

Synthetic engine oils have proven their worth with their ability to keep engines in 'like-new' clean condition. Keeping vehicles operating at their designed optimum and efficient low emission condition throughout the life cycle of the vehicle will be critical to the future of gasoline and diesel engine technology. Synthetic gasoline and diesel fuels have the same 'keep clean' advantages of synthetic engine oils, and the combination of synthetic fuel and engine oil will keep gasoline and diesel engines clean and operating at top performance and 'like new' low emission efficiency well into the future.

Synthetic gasoline and diesel fuel are the solution to one of the major contributors to the toxic urban smog crisis in many parts of the world:non-emission control vehicles such as two and three wheeled vehicles, outdated passenger car and truck engines, and an incredibly wide range of outdoor power equipment. Operators of this equipment are typically in close proximity to the exhaust emissions, making conventional crude oil gasoline and diesel emissions especially toxic to the operators of this equipment, and anybody near by.  

Fuel Guru has been promoting synthetic gasoline and diesel fuel as the solution to the global crisis of toxic urban smog for almost 10 years, and will be the leader in promoting this technology well into the future.

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